Protection against griefers


/f map
/f sc
/f claim

/f map

You can see the chunks map on chat,

  • First line, It shows chunk coordinates and who is the owner of the chunk that you stand on.
  • N W E S, is compass
  • gray dashes means free chunks
  • Other symbols are faction territories
  • Last line, its a map keys, Each symbol means each faction. For example, Warzone is \ and you can see that on the map (the symbols can change)

/f sc

You can see chunk borders

* Chunk limits 16×16
* To stop the command, type again:  /f sc




/f claim

Before this part you should know the other commands and also you made your own faction.

NOTA: There are a variety command of claim but we will explain the /f claim one.

If you see /f map and you checked the /f sc, you could type /F claim one on the chunk

IF you receive this message: can’t afford…

Probably you dont have money on your faction bank. Then, type /F money deposit 10


a.k.a “Plots” (AreaShop Plugin)

Imagen: Rome01 se alquila a $750 por semana
  • 1º line:
    • [For Rent]
    • [For Buy]
    • [Sold]
    • [Rented]
  • 2º line = Region’s name
  • 3º Line = Duration
  • 4º Line = Cost

To rent/buy

  • You can type this command “/as rent” o “/as buy” only when you are stand on the region
  • Or you can do right click on the sign to rent/buy
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